Inauguration of investments in energy efficiency measures in Shtime

“Emin Duraku" School in Shtime is one of the facilities benefiting from the application of energy efficiency measures from the Kosovo Energy Efficiency Fund.

The completion of the works in this building were inaugurated by Managing Director Mr. Ahmet Ismaili and Chairman of the KEEF Board together with the Mayor of Municipality of Shtime Mr. Qemajl Alium and donors Minister of Economy Mrs. Artane Rizvanolli, Mrs. AnnaCarin Platon – EU Office and Mrs. Elene Imnadze – World Bank. The renovations include thermal insulation of the envelope, replacement of windows and doors with efficient ones PVC and the replacement of light fixtures with efficient lighting – LED.

 The investment amount is over 198 thousand euros, while the direct beneficiaries are over 720 students and staff of this school.