Independence and Autonomy

Exclusive focus on energy efficiency

Comprehensive approach

Advancing Energy Efficiency through Action

At FKEE, we are committed to advancing energy efficiency through various programs and initiatives. We provide financing and technical assistance to support energy efficiency projects, conduct energy audits to identify improvement areas, and develop and implement energy efficiency policies and standards.

Kosovo Energy Efficiency Fund

Partnership and professional management
in implementing efficiency measures

Municipal Projects Financing

KEEF has enabled the implementation of energy efficiency measures in public facilities in all municipalities of the Republic of Kosovo. ...

Residential Sector

KEEF is offering the highest subsidies to date in the Republic of Kosovo for individual homeowners. Through the project "IMPLEMENTATION OF ENERGY EFFICIENCY ...

Social Housing Buildings

KEEF will implement energy efficiency measures in social housing buildings, with 90% of the project's funding. Nineteen municipalities with 29 ...

Partnership with Donors

KEEF has made the implementation of projects possible through donors such as the European Union and the World Bank. Close cooperation with ...

Who We Are

Kosovo Energy Efficiency Fund

(KEEF) is an independent, autonomous, and sustainable legal entity established by the Republic of Kosovo to promote energy efficiency and sustainability in the country. Our mission is to improve energy efficiency and reduce energy consumption in buildings and facilities, while also promoting sustainable and environmentally friendly practices.
Energy Savings
Energy savings achieved towards an objective, such as the goal to reduce energy consumption in buildings by 20% by 2025. 60%
Completed Projects
Renovations completed towards an objective, such as a goal to renovate 1000 buildings by 2025. 82%
Projects in Process
Partnerships established towards an objective, such as the goal to create 50 partnerships with government agencies, NGOs, and private sector partners by 2025. 18%

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Building a Brighter Future with Energy Efficiency


Pre-approvals issued for subsidizing energy efficiency measures in individual homes.

  • External insulation of the house.
  • Roof insulation.
  • Replacement of doors and windows.


Projects in municipal public facilities.

Ensuring comfort in schools, family healthcare centers, and other municipal facilities.