Investments in energy efficiency measures are inaugurated in the “Bill Clinton” Sports Hall in Ferizaj.

With the presence of the Prime Minister of the Republic of Kosovo Mr. Kurti and the Minister Mrs. Rizvanolli, the Mayor of the Municipality Mr. Aliu, the Managing Director of FKEE Mr. Ismaili, and representatives of the Donors Mr. Paolucci from the World Bank, as well as Mr. Bianchardi from the European Union, the project was inaugurated in the hall of the “Bill Clinton” Sports Hall. in Ferizaj.

The investment was made by the Kosovo Fund for Energy Efficiency, in the amount of nearly 490 thousand euros, through a collaboration with the Municipality of Ferizaj, financed by the Government of the Republic of Kosovo, the World Bank and the European Union.

This is among the most complex projects in terms of architecture, but at the same time the combination of energy efficiency measures, which have, in addition to the aim of saving energy, an estimated 52% of the basic consumption, positively affecting the environment, conditions and well-being for athletes and fans of sport and culture in the city of Ferizaj.

The energy efficiency measures implemented are: thermal insulation of the roof, installation of flat solar collectors (total surface 38.4m2) for heating sanitary water, external thermal insulation of the walls, replacement of old windows and doors with efficient new ones. , the installation of two new biomass/pellet boilers for central heating (capacity 600 kW), the replacement of old radiators and the installation of new radiators, and the replacement of old lighting fixtures with new LED ones (152 light fixtures).

The inauguration of this project was carried out in the wake of the projects that FKEE is carrying out through the municipalities of Kosovo in public buildings within its mechanism.

The FKEE Board thanks the Government of Justice of Kosovo, the Donors the European Union and the World Bank, as well as the partner Municipalities, staff, governors, partners and contractors for their contribution.

(Some photos showing the facility before and after the measures taken, as well as moments from the inauguration ceremony are presented below).