In continuation with the activities and partnerships of the KEEF, today an agreement for financial support was signed with GIZ Kosovo.

This support will assist the Fund in further developing the implementation of energy efficiency measures across various sectors, while also contributing to the creation of a sustainable financing program for the future

Driton B. Hetemi, the Managing Director of KEEF, in a meeting with GIZ Director in Kosovo, David Oberhuber expressed gratitude to GIZ Kosovo for their ongoing support, which positively impacts the Fund’s activities.

On behalf of the German Government, GIZ Kosovo has been closely aligned with KEEF since its establishment, consistently providing professional support to enhance the institution’s capacity in achieving its objectives.

KEEF aims to be a reliable and robust institution with a broad portfolio of financing projects related to energy efficiency and the integration of renewable resources in public buildings, residential sector, and later in business, transportation, and agriculture sectors.

On Tuesday, the works on the implementation of efficiency measures were completed at the SHFMU “Rilindja” in Çifllak in Rahovec.
With the support of the European Union, the World Bank and the Government of the Republic of Kosovo, the Kosovo Fund for Energy Efficiency, the thermal insulation of the external envelope, the replacement of windows and external doors, the installation of a pellet boiler and the improvement of the network were made in this school. existing heating, installation of efficient LED lighting.
The managing director of FKEE, Driton Hetemi, said that they are committed to contributing to a sustainable future through the implementation of energy efficiency measures.
There are eight other school buildings in the municipality of Rahovec, in which energy efficiency measures are being implemented, which are an investment of over 1 million and 140 thousand euros.

Driton Hetemi is the new managing director of the Kosovo Fund for Energy Efficiency.

Hetemi has proven experience in project management and implementation, holding management positions for over a decade. For 16 years in a row, he has built expertise in banking and finance, product development, project management, data processing, risk management, business development and public relations.

Hetemi completed his university studies at the University of Southeast Europe in North Macedonia, majoring in Business Administration, while he received an MBA in General Management at the University of Sheffield, from City College in Greece. In addition to studies, Hetemi also has a number of trainings from credible local and international institutions, with a focus on human resource management, environmental management and finance.

He is currently also a member of the Board of the Public Broadcaster of the Republic of Kosovo (RTK).

The Kosovo Fund for Energy Efficiency informs the citizens of the Republic of Kosovo that the application for the public call “Implementation of Energy Efficiency Measures for Individual Residential Houses” is closed.

The premature closure is the result of the acceptance of over 2000 applications, which fulfill the budget intended for subsidizing the measures, insulation of the walls, the roof and the replacement of external doors and windows, up to 45% of the amount (5% bonus for houses that are the property of the wife or co-ownership of the couple) not exceeding the maximum limit of 5500 euros.

We remind you that the applications have started to be reviewed according to the order of their arrival and the first pre-approval letters have already been submitted. All those who accept this document must continue to follow the rules set forth in the public call (Public Call) until the end of the process when they receive the money.

This project is supported by the European Union within the IPA program – Energy Support Package, arranged by the Government of the Republic of Kosovo and implemented by the Kosovo Fund for Energy Efficiency.

The Kosovo Fund for Energy Efficiency, on Monday (07.08.2023) marked the beginning of the implementation of the project “Implementation of Energy Efficiency Measures for Individual Residential Houses”. Through a budget of 10 million euros, citizens will be subsidized up to 45% for the implementation of efficient measures such as: thermal insulation of external walls and the roof, replacement of doors and windows.

FKEE Board Member Nora Arifi informed the audience that an additional bonus of 5%, thus increasing the subsidy to 50%, will be given if the property is co-owned by spouses or if the wife is the owner of the house. Arifi thanked the European Union for financing the project through the Government of the Republic of Kosovo, as well as the Ministry of Economy for the continuous support.

The Minister of Economy, Artane Rizvanolli said that she is happy that a project is starting which will affect the reduction of energy bills for citizens.

The representative of the European Union Office, Alessandro Bianciardi, said that they remain committed to supporting Kosovo on the path to good and clean energy.

The conditions of the application are that the house must be habitable, in 21 of the last 24 months, with electricity consumption of at least 250 kWh/month and if the house does not have thermal insulation or is partially insulated.

The limited subsidy amount is 5,500 euros.

The application is made through the e-Kosova platform, from August 8, 2023.