Popular Questions

The FKEE is a non-profit legal entity established by the Republic of Kosovo to promote energy efficiency through various programs and initiatives.

No, the FKEE functions outside of the Kosovo governmental structures and civil service, and has full operational and administrative autonomy.

Yes, organizations and individuals can submit proposals to the FKEE, and should direct any questions about the proposal process to the provided email address.

No, questions must be submitted via email and will be answered in writing in a document containing all anonymized questions and KEEF’s responses, which will be sent to all proposers.

No, the FKEE is not considered a budget organization in terms of the Law on Public Finance Management and Accountability and the Law on Budget of Republic of Kosovo.


General Questions

To apply for funding from FKEE, you need to submit a proposal in response to one of our funding opportunities. These opportunities are typically announced through our website, social media channels, and email lists. Be sure to read the guidelines carefully and follow the instructions for submitting your proposal.

FKEE funds a wide range of energy efficiency projects, including building retrofits, installation of renewable energy systems, energy-efficient lighting and appliances, and development of energy-efficient policies and programs.

FKEE evaluates project proposals based on a number of criteria, including their potential energy savings, their alignment with FKEE’s mission and goals, the experience and qualifications of the project team, and the proposed budget and timeline.

Yes, FKEE provides technical assistance to help project proposers and grantees develop and implement energy efficiency projects. This may include assistance with project planning, energy audits, technical analysis, and training.

FKEE funding opportunities are generally open to both organizations and individuals. However, projects must have a clear public benefit and align with FKEE’s mission and goals. Individuals may need to partner with an organization to be eligible for funding.