Drenasi is the next municipality who will benefit from the new package of investments in energy efficiency measures. In the meeting with the Mayor of Drenas Mr. Ramiz Lladrovci, five (5) agreements were signed for energy services for five (5) facilities: “Migjeni” School, “Shote Galica” School, “24 Korriku” School, “Shaban Polluzha” School as well as the Family Health Center in the village of Nekoc.

The Kosovo Energy Efficiency Fund will invest more than 645 thousand euros in the renovation of these buildings with efficient measures: thermal insulation of the building envelope (thermal insulation of walls, efficient windows and roof insulation), replacement of the existing boiler with efficient one, the cleaning of the pipe network, the installation of dynamic thermostatic valves ensuring internal temperatures according to the required norms, as well as the electrical works that include the change of inefficient lighting bodies to efficient ones (LED).

This investment is supported and financed by European Union Office in Kosovo, World Bank and The Government of the Rep. of Kosova.