We are pleased to announce that the Board of Directors of FKEE approved the Project for the application of emergency energy efficiency measures in the residential sector – individual residential houses. This project aims to support family consumers through increasing energy efficiency in individual homes, and is financed by the means of the European Union Emergency Package, provided through the Government of the Republic of Kosovo with the Financial Agreement IPA III.

As a new Program, in accordance with Article 35 (1) of Law No. 06/079 on Energy Efficiency, following the Approval by the Board, the necessary consents from the responsible ministries (Ministry of Economy, Ministry of Finance) have been secured , Work and Transfers).

The project includes subsidizing the cost of implementing selected energy efficiency measures in private (individual) residential houses, such as: external insulation of the house, replacement of windows, entrance door and drainage insulation, according to minimum standards and criteria of defined by FKEE.

The list of subsidized measures for each applicant will be subject to a confirmation by the relevant specialists (energy auditors). The subsidy or reimbursement of the cost of implementing the measures is limited to 45%, or the maximum amount up to 5,500 euros as the upper (maximum) possible limit for a house – individual beneficiary, intended only for private/family residence . However, each application individually, when the process is opened, will be handled by the relevant commission, determining and notifying the maximum subsidy amount for each case separately, through an official notice issued as pre-approval by FKEE. Therefore, these data are generalized to the project level. Other details will be determined and published in due course.

The budget for this measure will be 10 million euros and it is expected that more than 1,600 families will benefit in different stages within the project implementation period.

The purpose of this notice is to notify all citizens of this opportunity to take it into account in their plans. This will be the first time that an institution of the Republic of Kosovo implements such a measure in Kosovo, which simultaneously marks the beginning of the implementation of measures in the residential sector, after the start of the implementation of the project for multi-residential municipal social housing facilities.

You will be notified about the opening of calls for applications for benefits from all citizens of Kosovo through a special announcement soon, including all other relevant information for the application, as well as detailed instructions.

The Board of Directors of FKEE thanks the European Union for providing funds and support, as well as the Government of Kosovo for the trust and support for the implementation of these measures.