The Kosovo Energy Efficiency Fund is close to finalizing investments in a significant number of projects, within the framework of the implementation of energy efficiency measures in public municipal facilities. This project is financed by the European Union, the World Bank and the Government of the Republic of Kosovo and aims to achieve state objectives for saving energy and increasing efficiency by making life easier for citizens. Some of these projects will be inaugurated in the coming days.

Among the measures that have been applied to these objects are: deep renovation of public buildings such as schools, health centers, cultural objects, nurseries, etc. including the thermal envelopes of the object (change of windows, change of doors, isolation of the object and roof), heating system (installation of heat pumps and pellet boilers), installation of lighting, as well as other efficient measures.

The following pictures present the dynamics of the development of works currently in these projects.

 “Hysen Trepeza” School – Viti  

“Dëshmorët e Drenicës” School – Drenas   

 “Eqrem Ҫabej” School – Mitrovicë