Inauguration of energy efficiency measures at the primary school "Shaban Shala" in Podujevë

With the presence of the Managing Director Mr. Ismaili, the Mayor of the Municipality of Podujeva Mr. Bulliqi and donor representatives : Minister of Economy Mrs. Rizvanolli on behalf of the Government of Kosovo, AnnaCarin Platon on behalf of the EU and Elene Imnadze on behalf of the World Bank, the measures for energy efficiency invested by the Kosovo Energy Efficiency Fund were inaugurated at the primary school "Shaban Shala" in Podujevë, financed by the EU, the World Bank and the Government of Kosovo.

Over 1200 students and over 60 teachers will directly benefit from this investment, aiming to reduce energy consumption by 74%, or 290 MWh per year. We are grateful to the donors, the Board of Directors and the staff of KEEF, the municipality of Podujeva and the contractors involved for their support and dedication to this successfully completed project.

KEEF is currently implementing energy efficiency measures in over 70 projects, including 3 solar panel (PV) projects and 3 street lighting in 22 municipalities of Kosovo, aiming to achieve savings of 18 GWh per year or 64% of the total expected savings.

The number of direct beneficiaries of these projects is estimated to be over 32 thousand people.