Implementation of EE measures in the "Kolonia e vjeter" Health Center in Novoberde

 One of the facilities that have benefited from the project of the implementation of energy efficiency measures is the Health Center in Novoberd. In the inaugural visit together with the Managing Director of Kosovo Energy Efficiency Fund present was also the Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Economy Mr. Getoar Mjeku.

The applied measures in this facility include: the thermal insulation of the building envelope, the replacement of windows, the replacement of lighting with efficient LED lighting and the installation of a pellet boiler. All residents of the village of “Kolonia e vjeter” will benefit from this investment, aiming to reduce energy consumption by 60% or 55.6 MWh per year.

Below are the photographs from the inauguration of the works in this facility as well as photographs of the facility before the investment of the Kosovo Energy Efficiency Fund.